Startup Case Study


From 0 to 79,658 visits in 12 months!


Niche Food Product Startup


This client had little to no existing content outside of their product pages. They needed to increase organic traffic for topics that were relevant to their potential customers. 

The plan was straight forward – they needed content that:

  1. Reinforced their products as a solution
  2. Educated potential customers
  3. Stayed true to their brand voice and identity


Their website was built on Shopify, so the SEO basics were covered pretty well and no Technical SEO adjustments needed to be made.

After researching their food category I created a content plan based on a mixture of keywords that included:

  • High purchase intent
  • Customer pain points
  • Entertaining opinions on their product type
  • Low ranking difficultly to see quicker results

With the content plan approved by the client, 2 pieces of content were produced each week for 12 months.


Starting at 26 visits the month we started working together, they had 79,658 visits 12 months later!

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